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Super Geek DJ, JP hardboiled DJing
Super Geek DJ, JP hardboiled

Super Geek DJ JP hardboiled‘s unstoppable energy has lead him as a DJ to doing mashups of his favorite video game, anime, and hip hop songs.  Making music is second nature to him as he’s been a performing flamenco guitarist.  He collects boxes and boxes of comics and video games, does photography and films like The Mango Thief, plays the REAL music of flamenco guitar, DJ battles being a DMC finalist, watches a lot of anime, and writes about geek related topics.   He has his B.A. degrees in teaching of history, psychology, and minor in English, reading copious books on psychology and evolution.  His interests have guided him in creating his own workout program based on evolution for ultra fast workouts guaranteed to cut your time in the gym to just 2-3 days eating WHATEVER YOU WANT.  We have about 650,000 hours on Earth in an average life.  Do you really want to waste 30,000 hours going to the gym assuming you did one hour each day there?  Nah, you’d rather be consuming awesome geek culture and creating your own art!  His method and philosophy guided by evolution will help you find your purpose and be in the best physical condition of your life.  He was a personal trainer certified under NASM, ex mixed martial artist, and boxer.  He is a 7X beat and DJ battle winner on sites such as and as a DJ/ producer.



Cordell Longstreath is a writer from Englewood Chicago.  He is a huge Dragonball Z fan into the best RPG games of all time including Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Trigger, which may explain why him and JP hardboiled are on the same wavelength.  Cordell is interested in helping the community and does events for Chicago Hopes for Kids.  His voice is represented through his powerful writing skills. 

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Katie Waldoch “Goldi Artistry” is a visual artists who does digital drawings as well as traditional art.  She is starting to do oil paintings.  Katie has put over 1,000 hours into playing Pokemon games and likes creativity.  Check out her art and articles!

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 Hardboiled Crowd

Hardboiled Crowd