Minecraft is The New Lego at Minefaire Convention

Minecraft is The New Lego at Minefaire Convention


I went to Minefaire in Schaumburg Illinois and I’m going to tell you all about how Minecraft and Minefaire is influencing kids’ minds! Minfaire is the biggest celebration of the video game Minecraft, and it was awe inspiring! It’s a bonding experience for families, and it’s the Lego of the future. Kids can’t get enough Minecraft! Coming from someone who doesn’t play Minecraft, I’d have to say they have a great gaming community that goes beyond gaming.  It’s even in the description of the convention Minefaire that it’s a “community event.”

When we were kids growing up we played with action figures, video games, and Legos. I’m not saying that has stopped though definitely it has decreased, and the reason is Minecraft. I simply don’t have the time to get into the game though I’m a pretty avid gamer myself playing hundreds of hours in the Fallout series. The learning curve seems a little higher than a typical game, but judging by the numbers so many younger kids play Minecraft it will revolutionize what the next generation of kids will be like. Playing with Legos is a very physical thing. Laying down, creating by connecting blocks, and then making stories with what you’ve built is intricate versus the cerebral building in Minecraft. You collect resources, build, and create. There is very little physical motion compared to Legos as Minecraft players click and drag while sitting in front of a computer for hours.

Before you say that technology is bad for our society and socializing I’d like to point out pretty much everyone that attends Minefaire comes as a family unit. You have parents with their kids or uncles and aunts bringing their relatives’ kids. There’s a lot of talking and engagement going on between the kids and adults so this video game most likely only has a positive impact on relationships. In previous gaming generations you just played video games, and your parents had little idea what you were playing. You’d tearing off someone else’s head in Mortal Kombat or shooting hundreds of people playing Call of Duty. Now it seems the kids inform their parents all about their Minecraft exploits, and they are exploratory and creative in nature versus typical video games.

One amazing thing to see is the amount of laptops setup to play video games as the kids get down to building in Minecraft. There was even an area to play virtual Minecraft where you put on VR goggles. Only time will tell how all this technology that puts kids in the game will influences them, but I’m guessing it will produce people who actually enjoy sitting in front of a computer screen for hours and hours. Programmers, IT tech, and more will be created by the coming generation of Minecraft trained kids. That’s not to say that’s all that will come from the Minecraft computing influence.

There were huge stages similar to video gaming conventions like Combo Breaker in St Charles Illinois at Minefaire. Youtube stars like JeromeASF took to the stage for question answer sessions, and other well known gaming personalities gave presentations on what they do like Sally GreenGamer and her tips for starting a Youtube channel. Of course when you’re younger your 10X more impressionable so I’m sure many more Youtube personalities will be created thanks to Minefaire and Minecraft.

Minefaire was pretty much all Minecraft, and if you’re into the game you should check it out! It would be nice to have more outside vendors, but truthfully I’m not sure if they’d be paid much attention. It’s Minecraft overload at Minefaire, and the Minecraft fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Minecraft is the new Lego, a new way for creation. How that influences the next generation will be something to see. There is a solid cast of Youtubers and known Minecraft personalities at Minefaire for the most casual of fans to enjoy so go check it out when it’s in town!




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