It’s Over 9,000 with Cosplayers at Wizard World Chicago

It’s Over 9,000 with Cosplayers at Wizard World Chicago


This year the Wizard World crowd seemed younger and older than ever before!  That’s because family attendance is up thanks to Marvel movies and other aspects of geek culture.  People are playing video games, reading comics, watching anime, and cosplaying at older ages.  Cosplay is starting young for kids as evidenced by the amount of kids at Wizard World Chicago cosplaying, which is awesome!  Maybe the next generation won’t be as much of kids as past generations!  But probably not, as our American culture has grown into a creative blend of the arts from comics, anime, video games, TV, movies, and geek worlds for every age. 


JP was cosplaying Goku and taking pictures with other cosplayers.  He was having fun representing Dragonball Z and the famous catchphrase, “It’s over 9,000!” Since he put out a Dragonball Z remix album you can checkout here it was perfect timing for him to be roleplaying Goku.  Wizard World’s cosplayers were definitely taking it over the limit in energy so it was definitely over 9,000 on a Dragonball Saiyan scouter.   


The creativity in peoples’ cosplay was great.  Kids’ cosplays were the highlight as we had mini Spidermen and women running around with their families.  Of course there were cosplay contests, and the main stage in the foyer of the Donald Stephen’s Convention Center stayed on for most of the convention like beacon for those looking for cosplay.  The foyer entrance was packed with cosplayers, photographers, and people taking pictures.


As trends change we’ll see it in the culture like conventions.  Before, it was mainly younger adults going to comic cons looking for relief from their day jobs, creators in the arts, and those searching for fun.  The trend for families to go to comic cons will surely increase as their positive energy added to the environment at Wizard World!  How it will play out is anyone’s guess, but I’d say having more families is a welcome addition and trend at comic cons.  What kids watch and enjoy can be more monitored by their parents who can also get into their kids’ favorite shows and characters.  After all, most of us are kids at heart.  Check out the pictures below and comment on which you think is the best!

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