All Might & Our Heroes’ Image

All Might & Our Heroes’ Image


We’ve all had heroes. People who gave us a dream, something to aspire to; to work towards; to hold onto and protect. Our heroes possessed abilities that we desired; physical strength; undying courage; success with friendship, romance, or just some really cool gadget. Having these abilities would separate us from those around us. Heroes gave us a means of survival.

There’s a reason we say “look” up to them. We see them as our beacon of hope. That image of perfection. But what happens when that perfect image is reduced to a deflated, emaciated guy with a hole in his gut? Can we still believe in him?

This passed episode of My Hero Academia gave us the answer and more!

<SPOILER ALERT!> I’ll keep the ending a secret, though

The battle between AllMight’s and All For One is one of the most iconic battles in recent anime history for a few reasons.

If you follow the show, you know that AllMight stands as a symbol of strength and peace for all the students at UA High school. He is the number one hero, fighting and saving, always with a smile on his face.

But he has a weakness.

After a heated battle with All For One six years prior, AllMight was left with a hole in his gut, which in turn, limited his AllMight-y strength and power. He can only stay charged up for a little while before literally deflating into a skeleton of his former self.

In the show, the general public has been kept unaware of this, because they want people to maintain their faith in AllMight and the rest of the heroes. After all, if the top hero all of sudden looks unable to fight, the confidence of the people shrivels up, just like AllMight’s body when his time’s up.

Unfortunately, AllMight deflates during his current battle with All For One, and this is broadcast to the public. Like clockwork, the people begin questioning…”What’s that?” “What is that skeleton?”

When our futures rely on those who look weak, we begin to question our future.

I know this may sound a bit harsh. Certainly we don’t like the idea of judging books by their covers, because we don’t always want to be judged by our appearance.

So let’s look at this from another angle.

Several years ago, I had trouble staying in shape. I couldn’t stick to a healthy diet, couldn’t stick to exercising, and was a bit overweight. One person, a guy I talk to often would always criticize me: “You gotta do something about that gut. You gotta get in shape.”

He wasn’t lying, but there was one problem:

He wasn’t in shape either.

The one guy always on me to be in shape was overweight, spent most of his time in front of the tv, and not going out to exercise.

Not an encouraging cover to a book that reads: “You must exercise.”

Then, more recently I came across an athletic trainer online. Dude was jacked. Not Super Saiyan Broly jacked, but regular jacked. He had himself together, plus he was a casual dude with a sense of humor. When a friend of mine showed me this guys videos, I was following along with them within a day. While I still have a ways to go before being jacked like him, I saw results. Seeing that image of this trainer and the results he achieved made me more confident about the future. For years I couldn’t see my abs, or much of my biceps or triceps. Now I can. I could become the in-shape guy that I wanted to be.

The trainer’s name is Brandon Carter, and he is my All Might.

The lesson from My Hero Academia? Image isn’t everything, but it does affect how people respond to you. What images inspire you, and what images do you like to use to inspire others? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “All Might & Our Heroes’ Image

  1. Definitely image does play a role in all people and heroes. I think it’s more understood now with social media and everyone crafting their own image and story, which is good and bad. Definitely though we want at least people who are successful to be the ones we learn from, not people who aren’t successful. And therein lies the conundrum because actually a lot of people who aren’t completely successful are the ones we can learn from the most because we learn most from losses and it may also be that we learn most from people who have been through losses. And there are varying levels that may be seen as “losses,” but truly aren’t as they just aren’t as “successful” as others. Image definitely is a complicated thing lol

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