Anime Central- The Most Extravagant Anime Convention In The Midwest! With Interview of Cosplayer @inisitu

Anime Central- The Most Extravagant Anime Convention In The Midwest! With Interview of Cosplayer @inisitu


If there is any convention you want to check out in the Midwest, then Anime Central is the perfect one for you! It caters to all of your anime needs, from gaming to figures and more!

Anime Central is one of the largest anime conventions in the country, and the largest one in the Midwest. It has been the goal of many avid anime fans and cosplayers alike to attend this convention, and there is many reasons why that is!

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For starters, Anime Central has a wide variety of incredible guests that come every year. This past convention had many great guests, including Lauren Landa (voice of Sailor Neptune in the most recent Sailor Moon dub and Annie Leonhardt in Attack on Titan) and Micah Solusad (voice of Soul of Soul Eater and Yurio of Yuri on Ice!!!). Anime Central also has a large set of performers that appear each year, as they fantastic concerts and live performances each night. Some of the honorary musicians that appeared was the Japanese group fhana (best known for their opening theme for the hit anime Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) and DJ performances by DJ Khek and DJ Kagamine. While the information for Anime Central 2019 guests have not appeared yet, there will surely be even more amazing appearances next year!


Out of everything that draws attendees to Anime Central the most though, it is certainly the high-quality cosplay scene. As a cosplayer myself, I have been told countless of times that I had to go to Anime Central, as it was the epitome of anime conventions. In a way, they had even treated it like the World Series: you had to bring your “A Game”.

When you walk into the convention center, you can quite honestly see what makes them think that! You have countless amounts of intricate, long-spent-on cosplays covering the floor. Photographers surround them as if there was a celebrity in the room (and sometimes there really are celebrity cosplayers there!). I was able to talk with a cosplayer, named Iris Goldstein, while at Anime Central, and they gave great insight into what it was like to work on these difficult, but rewarding cosplays! She had made her own Widowmaker (from the hit video game series Overwatch), and all that she had gone through to make it was incredible!

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(Permission given by Iris Goldstein, or @inisitu on Instagram)

M: What motivated you to do Widowmaker? Have you been a fan of the Overwatch series for awhile?

I: Honestly, Widowmaker has one of my absolute favorite character designs in any piece of media I’ve seen. I’ve loved Overwatch since I watched the Alive trailer, which was also a big reason as to why I cosplayed her.

M: How long did it take for you to fully complete the costume?

I: I started making the cosplay back in February, right after Anime Milwaukee. It took about three months to complete everything.

M: What would you say was the most difficult part to do?

I: The hardest parts were definitely the armor and the gun! It took me about two of the three months to complete.

M: Overall, what draws you into cosplay? How long have you been doing it for?

I: I think the thing that really draws me into cosplay is being able to look and as similar to and embody a character as well as possible, mainly because I have a strong background in aesthetics and looks. It’s a really great outlet for me! I’ve been cosplaying since around 2014, with Anime Midwest 2015 being my first convention.

M: Thank you so much for the interview! Do you have any quick advice for cosplayers who are just starting to get into sewing/designing their own cosplays?

I: No problem! For beginners, I would say be patient and think everything through as much as you possibly can. Also, make sure you have materials for every little aspect of the costume, no matter how small or miniscule it might seem. Detail and patience make for an amazing costume!

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(Permission given by Iris Goldstein or @inisitu on Instagram)

Anime Central for sure is the convention you want to go to experience both the anime and cosplay community at its peak. More information will be released in the next upcoming months about the 2019 event.  You can also check out my cosplay Instagram @megdacop as well!

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