Solo: A Star Wars Story is The Worst Star Wars Movie in Franchise History

Solo: A Star Wars Story is The Worst Star Wars Movie in Franchise History


In what is an average action movie, Disney takes the Star Wars franchise on a bit of an interstellar ride.  It feels like the deep lore of Star Wars is somewhat thrown out the window for the thrills and booms of action scenes in the Solo: a Star Wars Story movie, and they succeed to a point.  When you compare the action scenes in Solo to something like Avengers: Infinity War it fails to come close to comparing.  So we’re left with a sub par action film that takes a look into Han Solo’s past.  The usual cast of characters like Chewbacca come along for the ride in albeit reprised roles, which the cast shines in.  But the story and characterization is pretty weak overall.  No popcorns up for this movie!   

The best part of this movie was the attempt at reprising the roles of the original characters.  Childish Gambino surprised me with his acting skills getting the smooth voice on Lando on point, and the actor for Han Solo wasn’t bad as well.  We also get our beloved classic characters who are delved into, but aren’t all that fascinating like Chewbacca.  It’s just the typical Chewbacca.  The new characters aren’t all that fascinating either like Han’s love interest Qi’ra who is another kickass woman who’s had to do some crazy things in her life.  The best thing for me was seeing the original characters reprised.  But if the best part is the attempt of emulating roles guess what?  The movie can NEVER compare to the original, and as a result it fails to capture the imagination like the original Star Wars movies.

Character really isn’t delved into too much.  We are given a stock love story, and you don’t get very attached to Han’s love story too much.  It’s downplayed so much that what happens to Hans love interest isn’t even answered.  It’s also not really questioned by the viewer as I was just like, “I wonder what happens to her.  Oh well, who cares.”

This movie was too long at over 2 hours long!  I was checking my Instagram and Facebook more than a few times and went to refill my pop up with slurpy a few times.  I was really just waiting for the movie to end so I could leave. 

A great movie is something we give two popcorns up to.  We are want to watch the movie again and again, and we’d go to the theater more than once for.  So that’d equal two popcorns bought for this geek, but you will not want to waste your time or money with the Han Solo movie.  This movie gets 0 popcorns up out of a possible 2.  You’ll watch it and maybe tell yourself it was great, but if it was great then you’d be willing to pop it in again and again and use your most valuable resource, which is time.  If you aren’t willing to waste your time on a second watch, then the movie simply isn’t great because it’s not worth your most valuable resource.  See this when it comes out on Dvd or blu ray and save your money because this is probably the worst Star Wars movie ever. 

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