3 Reasons Why Deadpool 2 The Movie Sucked

3 Reasons Why Deadpool 2 The Movie Sucked


I’m a huge Deadpool fan, but I keep it real so I have to say this latest Deadpool movie sucked.  I’ll give you 3 reasons why.  First, they make Deadpool into a “moral” character, second Deadpool is completely concerned with love because of this, 3rd the movie is a politically correct movie because of all this morality.  If Deadpool can’t be politically incorrect in this world, then the world has been batshit turned on it’s head!

Deadpool is supposed to be the “merc with a mouth,” but he ends up being Mr. Politically Correct with a mouth.  Unlike his comic book persona he really doesn’t say much to ruffle any feathers in this movie.  In fact he teasingly guards people from over the top and politically incorrect humor.  His relationship with Cable in Deadpool 2 is defined by that, and instead of someone monitoring Deadpool’s big mouth he’s teasingly being the potty mouth police with Cable.  Funny?  Not so much as the true to character Deadpool would definitely be saying things that offended people and joining in rather than potty mouth policing people.

Love, love, love.   Deadpool does everything in the movie because of love and other doing what’s right moral questions.  The movie attempts to humanize Deadpool by using tertiary characters who hardly matter from the Deadpool comics but are a huge part of the plot in this movie.  Using Vanessa as a love interest turns Deadpool into a pussy.  The real fans of Deadpool know of him killing the heroes of the Marvel universe, killing multiple versions of himself, saying what he wants to say, and doing what he wants to do.  Now Deadpool is a kind, moral, and loving character who teaches us life lessons.?  Leave that shit for the X-Men.  It seems almost impossible to return Deadpool to his normal not giving a fuck attitude for another film. 

Character driven stories are the best type of stories in movies, film, or any art.  When people stray from character it really throws off a film unless it’s for true character growth and exploration.  In Deadpool 2’s case the characterization of Deadpool is off to begin with.  He’s a love lorn bitch.  Love is used to attempt to make Deadpool a more righteous and moral character for growth, but the love scenes seem feigned and it just doesn’t work in this movie reviewers eyes.  It’s just bad characterization.  Deadpool is an insane, crazy, funny, and dark humored super hero.  He’s not a politically correct morality warrior who falls in love very easily.  So you’re asking yourself should you see the Han Solo movie or Deadpool?  Any movie is better than Deadpool 2, and that’s coming from a real Deadpool fan who has tons of Deadpool comics.  Coming up I’ll review a film where the characterization is much more on point and makes more sense, and because of that it’s a better film.  Stay tuned for, “Hobo with a Shotgun.” 


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5 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Deadpool 2 The Movie Sucked

  1. I knew dp2 was a PC movie when there was no black thugs gang. He killed Yakuza, mafia, white mc gang… But no black thugs killed.

    No movie scapes the globalists engineers.

    1. Good point! For real, PC killed the Deadpool 2 movie for me too! I wish he would’ve offed the little bratty kid at the end to save everyone. Now that would’ve redeemed the whole movie for me lol. Of course he didn’t though. PC BULLSHIT!!! Hopefully the Venom movie rocks.

  2. Deadpool 2 was NOT politically correct AT ALL, it was vulgar as all hell, gory as hell, and gave all the politically correct PG-13 crap the big fat middle finger

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