Dragon Ball Super: Universe 7 Shows Where Power Lies

Dragon Ball Super: Universe 7 Shows Where Power Lies


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Where we last left off on super, in episode #129, we had Vegeta defeat of Toppo leading us into the battle with Jiren. Android 17 fooled us all with his sacrifice attack leading to the Goku and Vegeta battle with Jiren. As Jiren defeated Vegeta he gave the last of his energy to Goku, who proceeded to go toe to toe using Ultra Instinct. When his body reached his limit he was wrecked with damage, but universe 7 miraculously came through when Android 17 and Frieza came back to the battle. Frieza and Goku led a charge that led to a ring out, making Android 17 the victor. As many predicted, the universes were wished back and Universe 7 saves the day.


Dragon Ball Super really brought an aspect to storytelling that’s needed. There has always been fan theories of Gokuism and other absurdities, but Super has set a standard for fighting and character development that fans have been craving. The Z-Fighters (including Frieza) showed the Pride Troopers that trust would always overcome power. This battle between power and trust was the deciding factor of the tournament.


The tournament took characters to places we have never seen them. Goku, Android 17, Vegeta, and Frieza worked together as a formidable team.Toppo and Jiren made a bond through challenging each others ego to build a friendship. Android 17 even showed selflessness through his wish that is far from his origins. A major theme was sacrificing for others and this time it wasn’t just Goku needing help for a spirit bomb.


A lesson to learn about being a leader can be grasped with the right eye. Android 17 represents selflessness in times of crisis. Goku represents the fortitude that is needed to take on life’s challenges, overcoming any obstacle through sheer determination. Vegeta represents those who let go of their pride for a greater good. Frieza is the prideful who seeks vengeance and redemption. These are rare moments these characters get to stand together against something like Jiren, the selfish and powerful, but the lesson is that fighting for others gives you more to fight for.


Dragon Ball Super has reignited the Dragon Ball craze throughout the world. With an upcoming movie and the continuance of Super in 2019, expect to hear much more from Toei Animation. Super left off with Frieza returning to his army apologizing for keeping them waiting, making his promise of returning to his evil ways seem certain. Goku and Jiren also lefto off with tons of foreshadowing for a future battle between the two, or alliance. I definitely look forward for any future interaction of the Z-Fighters and The Pride Troopers.

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