Chicago’s Anime Midwest! Two Months Away!

Chicago’s Anime Midwest! Two Months Away!


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Near the end of February JP hard-boiled gave me the great news that Super Geek DJ would be attending Chicago anime Midwest convention July 6th through 8th at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont Illinois. convention was organized by servicing fans over industry by centering  culture over marketing. According to the organizer the event is a “three day family friendly event focusing on video gaming, Japanese anime, Japanese manga, and bringing authentic Japanese culture and anime to life”. This will be my first convention.


The convention includes events,guests, and a schedule of exhibits and panels. Cosplay, gaming competition, music, art, and the assortment of vendors are mainstays of all conventions; this events its tradition of maid cafe, medieval hospital, robot uprising, and Fun-Run-Con. Add this to the voice actors, youtube stars, artists, and the amazing fans and this convention will be like a holiday. Though cons may be new, my geek soul sees much fun to be had.


What really stands out is the quality of the guests. Epic Rap Battles of History will be attending, after a hiatus from youtube right around the rise of Trump. Samurai Dan and Jillian share a love of swordsmanship that will allow me to share my love of Miyamoto Musashi in his “Book of Five Rings”, which introduces the Nito Ichi Ryu (one school-two swords). MegaRan shares JPHardboiled’s passion for mixing geek culture with hip hop. The  Carolina Manga Library will bring manga to the public and share how to use it to advance literacy. Knights of the Round make Final Fantasy 7 themed metal! All these guests represent an interest and passion of mine and I can’t wait to meet them.


With this being my first convention, expect to hear much from me. I plan on cosplayin as Dora Milaj Guard and interviewing as many voice actors as possible. Fun-Run-Con seem alluring, especially since freerunning is a pasttime. Being a geek in isolation gives one the impression of geekdom, but the reality doesn’t set until there is a community of geeks. Unapolagetic geekdom is the trust built over years of defying social norms and what’s a better way than defying social norms with friends. This convention will be the biggest bearing of my geek soul by allowing my 10 year old self to be appeased.

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