Vegeta’s Sacrifice: The Journey From Villain to Epic Hero

Vegeta’s Sacrifice: The Journey From Villain to Epic Hero


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In episode #126 of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta becomes a true hero. With his sacrifice technique that  newest form, Vegeta defeats Toppo in a sudden change of events. Check out Daquan WIltshire’s coverage or Nick Valdez’s and Megan Peters’ analysis. Check out the episode to see how Vegeta finished his villain to hero cycle with his defeat of Toppo and reaching of Beyond Super Saijin Blue.


Vegeta’s handling of Toppo pushes his power levels closer and closer to Goku’s, thanks to saijin nature, and also give the character development you see in great works. After a multi saga epic, Vegeta completes his cathartic cleansing to rid himself of his pride that has always kept him from reaching the same levels as Goku. The biggest indicator was the flashback to Majin Vegeta vs Majin Buu, which proves that Vegeta was doing something selfless enough to be worthy of Beyond Super Saijin Blue; during the Majin Buu saga, Vegeta was making a sacrifice for his family, but this time he used that same technique for Universe 7.


 Vegeta has had a long transition from villain to hero. A villain when we first meet him, an antagonist when he seeks to best Goku, anti-hero as he helps fight enemies like Frieza and Cell, protagonist when he sacrifices himself against Majin Buu, tragic Hero afterwards, and now an epic hero in Dragon Ball Super. He is now amongst Goku and Gohan as epic heroes in the Dragon Ball Pantheon.


Vegeta is the closest he has ever been to equaling Goku’s power level and the closest he has ever been to single-handedly taking out a series major villain.Vegeta allows a full redemption of a character that could never be the same type of hero as Goku, but with reaching his newest form he clearly shows that he is willing to make the same type of sacrifice as any epic hero. Death is void in the Tournament of Power, so Vegeta is able to push himself to new power levels by taking bigger risks then we are used to seeing.


Vegeta’s journey is one of the most interesting aspect of Dragon Ball History,since villains often stutter step their way to becoming a hero.  One could argue that Toppo is not a major villain, but through the power of storytelling he is aligned with the ominous cast of universe 11.Vegeta’s enduring his own explosive technique and Toppo’s kai attack proves his formadiblity as a hero; his sacrifice and bravery are two new characteristics to a character that debut as an invading royal prince. Will his ascension as a hero continue as they continue the Tournament of Power.?


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