The Mango Thief: An Ode To Gaming

The Mango Thief: An Ode To Gaming


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JP Hardboiled hits another artistic milestone with  the selection of his film, The Mango Thief, to the Indian Peacock International Film Festival. Completing the writing, editing, directing, and composing duties  his 4 steps to becoming an expert at art. The festival is an online film festival that includes the genres of documentary, animation, video, short, music, and experimental submissions films from 99 artists. Check out part 1, 2, and 3 of The Mango Thief.



With your new addiction to mangos and career aspirations to be a cop, lets look at who made this possible. A Hardboiled Force Production and a JP Hardboiled flick, the film’s cinematography was completed by Junior Juarez of Lunar Films and the 1st assistant camera and director position handled by Lucas Skye. JP Hardboiled is the cop, but the stars of the film are Anand B Bhatt ( Rob the gamer), Drew Kutnik (mango thief), and Jennifer Straub ( girlfriend). This team united their powers to create an ode to gaming that challenges the mini bosses in life.


The film is a rite of passage film for the candy eating, pajama wearing,slacker that Rob represents. Jennifer Straub represents the moms, girlfriends, and wives that can only handle so much of a gamer’s charm before putting up an ultimatum. The Mango Thief is an evil goon bent on the collection, consumption, and destruction of mangoes.

With the action being set forth after a call on the way home from the store.


JP’s directorial skills and musical talents are present throughout the film. The soundtrack is full of catchy tunes that uses samples from classic video games,The Fruit Ninja visuals near the end actually enhance a scene that was getting redundant, and the “Call Out” is a direct reference to two gaming institutions, Call of Duty and Fallout franchises. The transformations for the main characters shows classic gaming lesson; Anand Bhatt is a lovable chump forced into badassdom through his love of mangos; Jennifer Straub’s young professional starts her life as a level 4 noob on “Call Out”; the Mango Thief meets justice from a promising young vigilante. These character arcs are complemented with songs containing mango bars that will make you go to Whole Foods and spend $6 per mango.


The 4 steps to becoming an expert in your art is a manual that you can see in action in this film. Like beat production, JP spent hours working on editing, writing, and composing to create the film; time and dedication is needed. The directing is a genre of art that doesn’t fit the triumvirate of SUPER-Geek-DJ; practicing the specific art accelerates the craft. Working with Lunar Films, the cast, and the assistant director allows JP to gather new experiences and find great mentors. These four steps are always followed to achieve distinction in the arts.


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