Set Your Priorities, and Enjoy Making Art! An Interview with Anime Artist Noor

Set Your Priorities, and Enjoy Making Art! An Interview with Anime Artist Noor


Interview with Anime Artist Noor, and Our Otaku Hip Hop Collaboration

I’ve been working on anime hip hop, anime music remixed into hip hop.  Everything from Death Note music to Naruto, I’ve been having fun remixing.  I’m collaborating with artists who are creating the song art, and we’re mashing up visual ideas of hip hop and anime.  Noor drew an amazing collage of breakdancing and Naruto for my recent “Naruto VS Big L Orochimaru Mashup.”

Naruto Break Dancing

Why don’t you introduce yourself?

– Well I don’t use my real name on social media.  I go by the name Noor, and that‘s also the name some of my friends use to call me.

How did you pick your artist name?

– I’ve always liked the name Noor.  The meaning of Noor is Light and matches my real name.  So I thought why not use it online?  It became my artist name and I really like it!

How was it working with me on this collaboration and piece of art, and did you like my idea of mashing up hip hop and anime?

 – I‘ve never done a collaboration before so this was a first for me.  I really liked the idea and thought to myself why not use this opportunity to gain more experience?  I like hip hop and mashing it up with anime was a great idea!  I had so much fun thinking about how the drawing should look and all.  But it was also a little difficult.  I had no idea how the background should look so I asked you, and the graffiti idea you gave me was great! It turned out awesome!  Drawing the poses wasn‘t easy either but I learned so many things and the best part is I had fun!

You did great with contorting the human body into those breakdancing freezes!  I can appreciate them a lot since I used to be a break dancer.  Now I’m just a broke dancer.  Also the graffit on the wall is off the chain!   Great work.  How’d you get into drawing?

 – Well I started drawing just recently.  I used to like coloring things and drawing small figures, but I never took it seriously.  I study psychology and during my studies I started taking breaks and drawing little things. It was like a therapy!   While I was drawing, all my worries disappeared.  Sadly I didn’t really have the time to draw so I thought about making an Instagram account in order to motivate me.  I got inspired by other fellow artists and their support helps me a lot! I made drawing a part of my daily life! 

Yep.  Making art a daily part of life seems to be the “magic” way to get things done.  Most other “fake ass artists” as I like to call them never get anything done compared to those just getting things done a little at a time.  What types of mediums do you like working on?

 – I like trying out new things! I’m still trying to find my own style since I‘ve started drawing just recently. I enjoy drawing anime style, but I‘ve also worked on watercolor flowers.  There are a lot of other things I want to work on.  And maybe even try digital art.  Hope I can share it all in the future!

You are really talented for starting recently!  Who are your favorite artists? Did you learn anything from them?

 – That‘s a good question!  I follow a lot of artists on social media and there are a lot of amazing artworks!  I‘m using references for my anime drawings mostly from the series.  There hasn’t been a particular artist that has inspired me, but I‘m going to do a research and maybe mash up different styles in order to find my own style.

What are your favorite ways or people from to learn how to do art?

– Using references is a really good way of learning!  I saw a lot of artists and even famous ones who use references.  But there are also special art tutorial videos.  I don’t really take the time to watch them, but I‘m sure I‘ll do it in the future!

Naruto draft pencils by Noor

What’s your favorite things you’ve drawn or like to draw?

– Mainly I love coloring!  Finding the right colors and shading, I like everything about it!  As for drawing I really enjoy drawing anime characters.  They all have their own unique style!  And it kind of gives you the freedom of changing them into your own art style.  You don‘t have it in realistic art, even though I like that one as well!

Do you have any favorite TV shows, music, or otherwise?  Do they inspire your art?

– I like listening to anime mash up remixes just like the ones you make and they inspire me the most!  A picture comes to my mind when I listen!  And I listen to different kinds of music depending on the mood of my drawing.  When I draw something sad I tend to listen to sad music.  The same was with our collaboration!  I kept listening to your hip hop anime mash up and that really inspired me!

I’m glad you enjoy them!  How did you develop your work ethic of getting things done because most fake ass artists never get things done?

– Once I start with something be it art or studies I just feel the need to finish it!  I set my priorities and work on them first.  It’s the same with art.  But the most important thing is enjoying the things you do!  If you just force yourself to draw it won’t turn out the way you expect it, and you will have difficulties finishing it.  That’s why I always draw when I feel like drawing.  And once I start I look forward to finishing it because the result is satisfying!

Yes, enjoying doing art is something most people forget.  Many people are just looking for what they can get from what they do before actually doing anything.  I can tell you from my experience working with “fake ass artist” musicians from rappers, singers, beat makers, and other artists that 90% are just looking for rewards for things they really don’t do well anyways because they don’t do it enough.  They don’t do it for the love of it.  So it was a pleasure working with you and just making art.  What’s your advice to aspiring artists?

 – As I said before they should enjoy drawing!  Do it in order to have fun and don’t feel any pressure. Set your priorities and work on them first.  Like I work on my studies first or else I can’t fully concentrate on my drawing.  And as for learning, using references is a really good way!  Follow other fellow artists and always look for new ideas. 

What type of geek merchandise makes you say I needs that?  Something you want and love? For me it’s new video games or photography gear.

– I love video games as well! Wish I could have more time to play! Other than that I love getting art supplies. You can never have enough of them!

Nice!  What are you looking to do with your art in the future?  Goals.

– Up till now I never thought about an art career.  It’s because I started drawing this year and never took it seriously before that.  I‘m studying psychology and you can actually combine those two!  There are many therapists who work with art and make art lessons with their patients.  I believe that I can combine it in a different way and do amazing things in the future!

Yes definitely art therapy is useful, and you can come up with your own version of it!  Also you can market and brand yourself using your own artwork!  Where can people check out your art and have anything else to say?

– For the time being I only have an Instagram account where I share my art. I was being asked about making a YouTube channel, and maybe I‘ll do it in the future. But for the time being people can follow me on instagram @no.or_art. Requests and comments are always welcome!

Check out Noor’s art of Naruto below.  It’s the official album art for JP hardboiled’s “Naruto VS Big L Orochimaru Mashup.”

Naruto draft pencils and inking by Noor


Naruto Art by Noor for JP hardboiled’s Naruto Remix


And here’s the amazing progression of a “Spirited Away” drawing Noor did!

Spirited Away Chihiro Drawing Pencils
Spirited Away Drawing inks by Noor
Spirited Away Drawing by Noor
Spirited Away Final Drawing by Noor

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