3 Reasons Why Geek Pop Culture is Important For Conventions and In Life

3 Reasons Why Geek Pop Culture is Important For Conventions and In Life



When the everyday person thinks of conventions, the first idea that may come into mind is cosplay or something similar involving some sort of costume. While dressing up in creative, vibrant costumes of one of your favorite superheroes… Or supervillains… Is definitely one key thing to a convention do not get me wrong, but to have some knowledge of that specific niche and its culture has also been just as important while attending a convention. Whether you are attending an anime, comic book, or any geek themed convention; it does not matter which one it applies to all, it is always best if you brush up on some nerdy/geeky pop culture because you’ll never know when it will be useful! Now keep in mind conventions should be an enjoyable experience for all types of people, not just limited to convention veterans. You may be asking yourself how can knowing certain facts and information about something geeky be remotely important, or even practical? Well, here are three main points that will make you realize how useful geek pop culture truly is.


1.)  Nerds Are Passionate about *Insert Geek Thing Here*


        One of the main and most important points to note about the geek culture is the fans. Without the fans, there would be no conventions or even any nerd culture at all without them! These are the people who have supported the creators from the beginning and have seen certain series become successful or grow into different ideas and evolve into something else. It could be: video games, anime, comics, whatever it may be these niches and the entire culture are loyal their specific geeky niche. Due to a nostalgic factor, many fans have a deep connection with their nerd subject at hand. So when you say something incorrectly or you may not know a whole ton about that certain nerd subject, it could possibly be offensive towards the person who is passionate about whatever it may be. The fans aren’t necessarily being narcissistic or pretentious about their nerd subject but instead very passionate about it! Now yes, some people can be a little bit of an elitist but for the most part majority of people are just fans who grew up with it since childhood so that specific thing which is engraved in their soul. So yes, some fans may take something to a personal level due to that reason. As corny as that sounds, it is the truth!

2.) You Can Understand Regular Pop Culture with Geek Pop Culture

It is not uncommon for the everyday, staus quo person to be embarrassed about speaking or even thinking something related about the geek culture. They may think it is, “childish” or whatever preconceived notion they may have. But in all reality geek culture is everywhere and even influences the main pop culture of today! Some very prominent examples are within the Youtube Community, many content creators of Youtube constantly use anime and comic references in a variety of videos. But the geek culture isn’t even exclusively on the internet but in everyday pop culture. People like Robin Williams named his daughter, Zelda, after playing “The Legend of Zelda” series. Many recording artists also reference video games in their lyrics such as consoles! It influences singers, actors, dancers, and even the apparel we wear! It is endless! There are truly just so many references to name but basically everything you see is derived from sort of genre in the geek culture.

3.) Conventions… Geek Pop Culture? IT’S EVERYWHERE!


        Now it is guaranteed you will use and visually see the knowledge of nerd culture at a convention. It is most useful to know this considering it is basically everywhere you turn at a convention as well! For most people attending, they are sharing things they are passionate about which in this case it’s everything related to the nerd culture! Now if you are not knowledgeable about those certain geeky subjects, it’s time to research and brush up on that specific information! When you go to panels especially, it is narrowed down to one specific geek subject. If you want to strike up a conversation or just simply understand the topic at hand during a panel. It is best to know what it is exactly you’re attending, now you do not have to like it per say but you can attempt to understand it and give respect. If you do not necessarily know what’s going on, that’s okay! If you tried, that is all that really matters. Another neat activity that occasionally happens during conventions is possible trivia. Sometimes they choose random people in a crowd to do nerd trivia, which may be intimidating but give it your best shot! For example, when I attended Wizard World 2017, a comic book convention,  I was randomly chosen to do a DC Trivia. First and foremost, I have little knowledge of DC as well as comics in general. Lets just say, it is not my strong suit! Though I got every question wrong in front of die-hard comic book fans. I still survived and had fun doing so. But what I took from that experience was to brush up on geek knowledge and the nerd pop culture beforehand. Whether it is a panel or a random event geek culture comes up one way or another.

        All and all these are some very practical reasons why geek pop culture is used in everyday life and the convention life. From the fans to the actual convention themselves it is extremely useful to know just a little bit of knowledge from that certain niche. You may find out you have an interest in that subject or even learn something new! If for whatever reason you feel ashamed or embarrassed, don’t! Not every geek knows every type of nerdy genre. Just give it your best shot, have fun, and geek on!  

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