More than Fur at Furfest 2016: Why a Non Furry Would Have Fun at a Furry Convention

More than Fur at Furfest 2016: Why a Non Furry Would Have Fun at a Furry Convention


There were a lot of eye opening experiences to be seen at Furfest 2016 at the Hyatt in Rosemont.  That along with the most laid back vibe at any convention I’ve ever been to contribute to it being very enjoyable.  Let’s face it, most people don’t get the furry culture.  But ever since I got into country music, the last music style I thought I’d never appreciate in any manner whatsoever, I don’t really harshly judge any culture I don’t know about.  So with all the furry hate out there, it really didn’t effect my decision to check out Furfest, and I’m glad I did. 

            I was surprised to see dancers on par with professionals in all out dance battles while in fur suits!  As a former break dancer now broke dancer I could really appreciate their dancing ability.  They literally could beat most bboys and breakdancers I’ve seen in battles, and with a heavy fur suit on that is beyond impressive.  Their popping and locking was on point as well as everything else.  It was shocking to see such great dancers creating interpretive dances and battling each other because as a dancer I know how much it takes to be good since I used to battle.  I wouldn’t think someone would have time and ability to get into other hobbies like making such intricate costumes, but it seems these furries did.    

            Like most conventions there were pluses and minuses to the convention, and one problem was that some of the smaller panel presentations didn’t run or were moved around causing a lot of confusion and time spent.  For some people who were from out of state like from Colorado I met that wasn’t much fun, but besides that the convention’s bigger programs went off without a hitch.  The out there humor of Chicago improv troupe “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind” mixed well with Furfest, and they did a great performance in the Grand Ballroom.  I had the pleasure of watching furries compete in creative rounds of musical chairs and other activities to win prizes, which was the most memorable musical chairs game I’ve ever seen.  Other activities included evening rave dances like most conventions.  There were more artists than usual conventions drawing and selling their art in artists alley as art is an integral part of furry culture.  Most of the art was furry themed.  Even the con suite, which serves food, had a furry themed soda fountain.  The food in the con suite was great as well including muffins and cold cuts. 

            All in all seeing all types of creative furries, I had fun learning about their culture and can appreciate it.  They really like to have fun and be positive much like people into anime, and their convention seemed to be so laid back because someone walking around in a furry suit isn’t much of a threat at all.  It’s like your childhood stuffed animals come to life!  When I saw my first furry it was at the zombie walk in Chicago, and I didn’t have any bad impressions since I had been to comic cons where people dress up as all types of outlandish things.  So I thought it was cool, but there definitely is geek elitism hating on the furries though they are just like most other people interested in geek related things.  At the end of the day they’re the same geeks, different costumes.   



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