G-Fest 2016. A Godzilla Convention to Explore and Learn About Kaiju Films

G-Fest 2016. A Godzilla Convention to Explore and Learn About Kaiju Films


I don’t have much of an interest in Godzilla or other monster movies so I doubted I’d find much to explore at G-Fest, which is a yearly Godzilla fest running since 1994. You can never count anything out though, and you’ll never guess what I got into.  All I can say is I just started another bad habit for sure.

It was surprising by the amount of Tokusatsu shows and movies that existed.  Tokusatsu shows are any requiring a lot of special effects.  Many of them resemble the Power Rangers, but of course they came out way before that show thus influencing it.  The Tokusatsu genre also includes Kaiju movies.  These are giant monster movies like the classic Godzilla.  I didn’t realize the history of the genre so luckily I sat in on a panel on the 50 year history on Tokusatsu superheroes.  Who knew there was a Metal Hero Series period where the characters were like metallic android versions of the Power Rangers.  It started with a character who had more kicks than the Power Rangers, Space Sheriff Gavan.  By the videos seen, fight choreographers today could learn a thing or two from watching that show.  Other shows way before that like Denjin Zaboga also seem super creative.  It’s basically the same overload of creativity in anime.  There is so much different than our real world that you have to have an open mind to watch some of these movies, and if you do you’ll be rewarded.  

After hearing about Monster Zero in panels and after watching a short documentary, Hail ToThe King, I watched Godzilla vs Monster Zero.”  Creatively it’s awesome.  It’s a fun alien invasion and monster flick all wrapped into one.  The costumes and effects are hilarious to see yet due to film quality of the time they didn’t look as good as they could have.  After going to this fest I’ll start watching a lot more Kaiju movies.  

As a comic collector it’s hard to get me to buy anything unless it’s pretty high quality creatively and in mint condition.  When I walked the floor room some of the coolest busts and models I’ve ever seen were there from a Gremlin to awesome classic monster busts like The Mummy and The Wolf Man.  There were definitely a lot of toys also.  Even though I’m super picky on t shirts I ended up buying a few that where creative based on Ultraman and a mix of Pokemon and The Power Rangers.  I also ended up buying a Little Godzilla toy. It’s super cute and funny compared to the other monsters in Kaiju so I hope there’s not a lot of them or this may be a collecting trend for me.  He’ll fit in real nice with my Fallout memorabilia because Godzilla after all is the result of nuclear fallout.  I give this convention a 7 out of 10 as it didn’t have a lot of panels or vendors, but there were things to see and learn about.  G-Fest was a fest any Otaku could enjoy, you’ll find something new for you to geek out on so check it out in the summer every year!


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